People first mentality

I grew up in a time when the greatest innovation was the tape recorder. I remember being in the 7th grade, listening to our family record player in the living room. We were limited to listening to one artist at a time, and couldn’t go further than the kitchen if we wanted to hear the music. The tape recorder changed the game for me. Not only was I able to create tapes compiled of different artists and genres, but I was able to gift those tapes to the people I cared about most.

My generation has seen it all, from tape recorders to virtual reality, but for me, one thing has remained the same: the power of connecting with people. It’s all about who you surround yourself with that will give you the perseverance to learn, grow and achieve something great.

I once worked at a company that had some great business successes, but eventually became stuck because they didn’t invest in the learning and growth of their employees. Utilization will get a company going, but fostering an environment of learning and growth will maximize momentum and drive incredible results.

I soon decided I was going to start my own company, where people came first, and learning was to the foundation of the business. Thus, InRhythm was born with the goal to transform organizations and position people for success.

When I first launched my business, I was working out of my two bedroom apartment in New Jersey. When I hired my first employee, I knew it was no longer about me, so we found an office space in Hoboken, New Jersey, which was furnished with used furniture, and the microwave I brought from home. My next two employees were a couple of the best engineers I have ever come across – I found them on Craigslist, and I knew we needed more projects. I started doing reach out and cannot express enough gratitude to those who believed in our ability to solve some of their biggest problems.

In the last five years, InRhythm has grown 5x. We have a people-first mentality which has allowed us to build and maintain a culture of learning and opportunity.

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