Never stop learning

Some may argue that lack of complacency can bring unhappiness, but in my opinion, it instead drives hunger and encourages you to push through. My theory is that you should never feel content.

I completed my undergrad in nine months because I really wanted to start working. I made it a point to go to at least one conference every year, which is where I was introduced to design patterns, agile and extreme programming. I later on became an extreme programming coach, helping to create innovative centers of excellence and maximizing productivity.

One of my guiding principles in life is to never stop learning, and in that same regard, never stop working to help those around me grow as well. I’ve always been very passionate about helping startups because I believe in what small companies can bring to the table. When I graduated from Columbia Business School, I joined the board to act as a startup advisor and investor, which has been an incredible experience. Startups are designed to be nimble and get things done fast, and I’ve based a lot of my business decisions around what I’ve learned from the organizations I’ve been able to advise, which clearly demonstrates that the opportunities to learn always come full circle.

Giving back to the community is something I’ve always believed in.  Whether near or far, if you can have an impact, you should do what you can.

I’m an advisor for two nonprofits dedicated to promoting academic and personal excellence in youth, the Chair of the Commission on Science, Innovation, and Technology for the state of New Jersey, and have partnered with some of Botswana’s top leaders on an exciting technological journey to leverage the power of government and academia to foster innovation and economic development. I have found great fulfillment in continuous learning to pay in forward in helping others succeed.