Our Greatest Investment Opportunity
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InRhythm’s success is built on the excellence of every employee, and the outstanding work they do every day continues to drive us to greater heights. While we look to hire the very best consultants at the outset, every employee is on their own career journey, and one of the cornerstones of our company culture is investing in the careers and lives of our people to help them be happier, healthier, and more proficient in their fields. Investing in this development has, for me, provided an enormous return in the form of profitability, productivity, and the overall wellness of our employees.

Personal Zen

InRhythmers already enjoy a company reimbursement for the music streaming service of their choice; music is a core part of the day for many of us, and it just made sense to keep everyone happy with their favorite personal playlists, unburdened by ads. Not everyone listens to music when they work, however, so this year we’re expanding the program to include audiobook services like Audible and wellness and meditation apps like Headspace, so each of our employees can define their own idea of work zen with our enthusiastic support.

Empowering our employees to find their focus and de-stress increases confidence and performance. Meditation, in particular, offers a number of benefits, including increased immune function and lowered anxiety, that pay huge dividends in and out of the office. We can’t always predict the future in this fast-moving industry, and no consultancy is immune from stressful days, but by giving InRhythmers the tools they need to stay grounded and happy, they can tackle the biggest problems and opportunities ahead of us.

A Better Future

We hire engineers and designers at all skill levels to work on some of the biggest industry-shaping projects, but each and every one of our consultants is ambitious and dedicated to growing their expertise. Our culture of learning and growth is designed to take every InRhythmer to the next level, whatever that might look like for them. InRhythmU, our suite of internal and client-facing training and development workshops, speaker series, and resources is a comprehensive platform for our people to learn from (and teach!) each other, sharing their mastery of everything from cutting-edge programming languages to soft skills like leadership, personal branding, and public speaking.

We also provide a coaching program that pairs our senior-level consultants with several mentees, each with their own specific goals for the year. Our coaches work individually with their mentees and consult with other coaches on guiding every InRhythmer toward goals they’ve self-identified. The result? Our people are working on everything from personal financial literacy to Chrome extension development, with our coaches and the entire culture of InRhythm as the wind at their back.

When you hire for the very best, you’ll find yourself surrounded by people who are naturally ambitious and hungry to learn. In practice, however, I see a huge deficit in the education provided by a lot of companies in our industry; while it’s fine for your employees to seek learning elsewhere, it’s also a huge missed opportunity to engage with your people and personally invest in their success. By providing these resources on-site at InRhythm headquarters and empowering our people to not only come to us to learn but also to teach each other, a richer culture is born.

Gunjan Doshi