CEO Newsletter, August 2019

A Feeling of Gratitude

I'd like to start by saying thank you. My journey as a CEO has been blessed with amazing people, and from them I have learned so much, both personally and professionally. Sometimes, the day to day takes over, we are always onto the next big thing, and we forget to express our gratitude towards the people who make such an impact on our development and growth.

Thank you to every InRhythmer who has joined our team and has helped the company grow in terms of size and successWe could not do it without you. 


Give Thanks and Celebrate

A few weeks ago we hosted a Summer Party to celebrate all that we have achieved so far this year. I'd like to thank each and every one of you for a not only an epic event, but also for being an essential part of InRhythm. I know sometimes it can be difficult to get everyone together because of busy lives, distance and hectic schedules, but it is so important for us to build relationships within the InRhythm family and I'm so glad the Summer Party allowed us to see old friends and make new ones, all while celebrating each other.


Thank you to the Ops Team

For finding a great space for us to host this event, and spearheading the event from start to end. You did a great job incorporating my favorite color, bringing the summer theme to life and working together to host a meaningful, memorable event. 


Thank you to our teams in St. Louis, Menlo Park, Phoenix and the UK

Being away from HQ can sometimes be difficult in that you feel disconnected or far removed. Thank you to our regional teams for being involved and engaged, even from thousands of miles away.

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Thank You to Our Families

For attending this event and being an amazing support system. We spend a lot of time with our coworkers, on some days, more time than we spend with our families, so to be able to bring everyone together, to meet each other and put a face to a name and understand a bit more about the people we work with on a much more personal level, was truly special.


Thank you to my daughter, Krupa

For being the best plus one, and making me feel true, unconditional love every day. 


Gunjan Doshi